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February 2, 2015

The Love/Hate Relationship Employees Have with their Jobs

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by Joyce Marsh, SPHR, Sr. HR Consultant

It’s not unusual to complain to coworkers about your job or unload on your loved ones when you get home from work about a bad day at work. On the flip side, most of us have been known from time to time to actually gush or brag about what they do for a living and where they do it.

Have you ever wondered if the things you love or hate about your job are just you? Or do others have the same complaints or compliments? Wonder no more, Glassdoor compiled its millions of company reviews to find the top ten likes and dislikes employees mention about their jobs. Are yours on the list?

10 Biggest Employee Likes

1. Great Co-workers

2. Work Environment

3. Good Benefits

4. Interesting Work

5. Good Pay

6. Work-Life Balance

7. Flexible Work Schedule

8. Company Culture

9. Fast-Paced Environment

10. Smart People


10 Biggest Employee Dislikes

1. Annoying Co-workers

2. Poor Work-Life Balance

3. Poor Work Environment

4. Long hours

5. Low Pay

6. Management

7. Inflexible Work Schedule

7. Few Career Opportunities

8. Poor Company Culture

9. Few Training Opportunities

10. Little Fun


Common Threads

After you read through the lists you may notice some converse likes/dislikes such as Work Environment/Poor Work Environment, Flexible Work Schedule/Inflexible Work Schedule and Company Culture/Poor Company Culture. One thing we noticed was that Good Pay and Low Pay were on the lists. This is a common denominator in many companies, but if your company’s pay tends to trend on the “dislike” list, there’s something you can do about it.

HR Performance Solutions programs Compease and Performance Pro can put you on the “like” list in no time. Compease is our compensation administration and salary planning program that’s loaded with current and market-driven salary survey data to help ensure your compensation is fair and equitable. Performance Pro is our powerful and easy-to-use talent management system designed by HR experts that can reduce administration expenses by up to 67% and boost employee performance.

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