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July 10, 2014

If You Look Busy and Feel Busy, Are You Being Productive?

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For numerous years we have been told that multitasking is an asset.  As employers, we weren’t looking for singularly focused individuals, but those who could change gears quickly.  Multitasking was the answer to efficiency needs and time management skills.

Workers today have computers, tablets, smartphones, and many other distractions that were supposed to help them be more accessible and productive.  But, what does multitasking really accomplish?  It is reported that multitasking can be synonymous with timewasting.  Those who multitask spend “25 percent to 40 percent more time than people who focus on tasks individually.”  Looking busy has always been an admirable trait, but high producers outpace “Busy” dramatically, and are far more valuable to keep on your team.

Here are a few tips to achieve multitasking freedom.  Come on, you can do it!

  • Start small – by setting aside 20 minutes to devote solely on one project. Repeat for the next project, and the next.
  • Be scheduled – and set a specific time for each project or task to take control of your day.
  • No bells or buzzers allowed – during the scheduled work time, so turn off the email!
  • Shhhhhh – people are working, so try to be respectful of their work time and seek a quiet place to work, so you can accomplish your scheduled task.
  • De-clutter­ – your workspace.  A cluttered workspace makes concentrating on your work very difficult.  Cluttered workspace = cluttered mind?
  • Work – during your work hours and save the personal stuff for breaks and lunch periods.

If any of the above tips will throw you into shock, just dip your toe in the water before you dive in!

Source:  Zacharias, Anne.  The Business Journals. “6 Tips to Become More Productive by AVOIDING Multitasking.”  Available here.




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