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September 25, 2013

Are Your Employees Living in a Fantasy World?

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It’s fall, which means it’s time for football.  In particular, Fantasy Football!  While all team owners made their draft picks a few weeks back, the trading continues.  All this team management takes time, and we all know time is money!  Just how much time and how much money?  An outplacement firm, Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., pondered that thought.  They came up with what they termed, “a very rough, non-scientific, non-verifiable estimate.”  Using their mathematics genius, they calculated that if workers (22.3 million of them) spent one hour per week during a 15-week season, the cost to employers could be just under $6.5 billion.

That is a staggering figure for a little bit of fun!  (Ok, a lot of fun!)  What is an employer to do?  They could create a policy that puts the kibosh on any non-work related activities involving internet use at work, but with the prevalence of personal devices, can they really monitor that?  Do they really want to monitor that?  Here is where you might want to think twice before doing anything so drastic.

Challenger said, “Companies that not only allow workers to indulge in fantasy football, but actually encourage it by organizing a company league[s] are likely to see significant benefits in morale as well as productivity.”  Yes, you heard that right – significant benefits to morale and productivity!  Employers work so hard all year to keep workers happy and productivity high that this just seems too easy.

Think for just a moment what it can do for your company.  Your employees will talk to each other.  They will collaborate on player trades.  They will laugh together, building a camaraderie.  They will find a common ground as fantasy football fans.  Even taking a short break from their workload to manage their teams can be refreshing and serve as a ‘reset’ button for their productive and creative minds.  “I’m running a business,” you might say.  Yes, you are, and my advice would be that if the individual performance and productivity is not suffering, it is not illegal, nor immoral, then before you throw a flag on the play, you may want to let them have their fun!


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