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July 17, 2013

Performance Pro v3.1.3 Feature Update Announcement

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HRN is pleased to announce an exciting set of feature updates to Performance Pro. This 2nd update of 2013 is scheduled to take place on Friday, July 19th at 8PM EDT. Users should not see any service disruption, however, they may need to log out and log back in to see any changes.

Some of these exciting new feature updates and workflow enhancements include:

  • Automatic Saving will now occur on the Appraisal screens after changes are made to scores and/or comments.
  • Multiple dated comments can be added to each factor and/or goal. Users can determine if they want these comments to display on the Appraisal Views.
  • Goal Action Steps are now viewed/rated on the actual Evaluation screen instead of in a pop-up window.
  • Routing History has been added to the Route tab for Current Appraisals.
  • Administrative Users will now view/edit scores and comments for Multi-Appraisers on a Multi-Appraiser tab instead of through a link to a separate page.
  • Goal Progress can be tracked on individual goals in the Appraisal Process and viewed in the Employee Goal Tools.
  • Administrative Users can Edit Historical Appraisals.
  • The Notes tab will automatically display notes for the past year and users can show or hide notes depending on the date range entered.
  • Routing Notes can be added to a form and/or appraisal to allow users to document changes they have made on the routed item or reason for not approving.
  • Shared Notes can have a notification sent to inform the appraiser and/or employee that a note has been shared with them.
  • Alert prompts have been added if user attempts to undesignate all appraisers or multi-appraisers.
  • Administrative Users can choose to allow employees to view any documents on the employee’s Additional Documents tab in Performance History.
  • Administrative Users can choose to allow appraisers to view Employee scores and comments prior to merging an appraisal.
  • Administrative Users can choose to require users to have at least one Future Goal prior to marking Ready.
  • Administrative Users will have the ability to uncomplete the employee’s last completed appraisal.

As a reminder: New features affecting the appraisal process will need to be turned on by an administrative user. There will be training sessions available for Administrative Users who would like to learn more about these new features. Clients interested in attending a training session may call 1-800-940-7522 to talk to their customer support representative.


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