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May 6, 2013

Want a Raise? Get a Tattoo!

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It’s getting close to merit time and employees are scrambling to figure out how to get projects done, goals completed, and earn a stellar rating on their performance review.  The reward?  Hopefully a merit increase towards the top end of the scale.

But what if getting a raise had nothing to do with performance, but rather having a tattoo?  Not just any tattoo, though.  A tattoo in the shape of your employer’s logo.   If you are an agent for Rapid Realty, you could receive a raise of 15% for touting the company’s logo on your body.  The restrictions are few:

  • Tattoo can be any size
  • Tattoo can be anywhere – on the thigh, bicep, ankle, wrist, behind the ear and elsewhere
  • Tattoo can be customized; some have only the RR logo while others actually spell out “Rapid Realty”

Out of the 1,100 agents that work for Rapid Realty, 40 have visited the local tattoo parlor to get the 15% raise.  As these employees are commissioned agents, the 15% kicks in every time they complete a deal.

I may be old fashioned, but loyalty to a company doesn’t mean sporting a tattoo.  Rewarding an employee for a tattoo doesn’t seem to match the “pay for performance” philosophy that has been so engrained for many years.  Granted, the tattoo may be “free” advertising and lower the turnover rate.  But does it do anything to spike performance or commitment to an organization?

For the time being, I am going to stick with my philosophy of rewarding employees for doing a good job, meeting goals and objectives, and demonstrating professionalism in the workplace.  Those may not appear as physical tattoos, but definitely can be seen and identified.


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