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March 14, 2013

Can’t We All Just Be a Little Nicer?

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Turn on the news, read your phone, listen to the radio, watch any of the most popular sitcoms or reality shows and you will see a common thread running through all of them, or most of them. People being mean. The news is filled with horrific stories of violence and abuse. The sitcoms cannot do without pranks and practical jokes at another’s expense and the reality shows are a continuous stream of people arguing, with more bleeped out expletives than actual dialogue. The more bleeps the better! With this continuous stream of “mean” in the media it is no wonder workplace bullying is on the rise. And, according to the Associated Press, 10 states are now considering legislation that would allow workers to sue for on-the-job bullying that causes physical or emotional harm. They also cite that 56% of companies surveyed have some type of anti-bullying policy.

As an HR professional we would suggest that every organization get out in front of this and look at including an anti-bullying policy in their employee handbook. As a person I would suggest that we look at ways to encourage each other to be nicer, to say “thank you” to say “please,” to help out a coworker who is struggling with a problem at home, to buy a coworker a candy bar just because, to give someone a thank you card, to ask “How can I help?” to recognize someone for a job well done at a staff meeting, to bring in coffee from Starbucks for the office, to help out with mundane tasks i.e., stuffing envelopes, filing, etc. to ask yourself, “What can I do to be a little nicer?”

Have a nice day!! And, create a nice day!


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