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March 1, 2013

HR Fact Friday: Don’t Be So Quick To Hire

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One in eight new employees were failures in the last 12 months, and half of new employees were disappointed with their decision to accept a job, according to Development Dimensions International’s (DDI) latest global research on hiring trends.

Here is some advice—gleaned from DDI’s research—to help ensure a good fit between applicants and the jobs they are hired to fill:

  • Dig deep. Nearly one-third of surveyed staffing directors cited over-reliance on hiring managers’ evaluations as the top reason for hiring mistakes, while 21 percent pointed to candidates overselling their own skills. Often, soon after a candidate becomes an employee it becomes apparent that the new hire  is just not cut out for the job. The shame of it all is that information about candidates goes undiscovered in the selection process.
  • Paint a realistic picture.  One way to avoid quick quits is to be real in describing what it will be like on day 5, 50, and 150 for that candidate during the interviewing process. Painting a rosy picture or pulling a bait-and-switch once they’re on the job will just mean you’ll fill that position again in 6 to 12 months.
  • Revamp your interviewer-training program. Less than 30 percent of survey participants reported that they are satisfied with their training program for interviewers, and the same number rated their hiring managers as being skilled at conducting high-quality interviews. In addition, the DDI reported that “[l]ess than two-thirds of staffing directors reported that their interview guides are based on an identified set of competencies for the role they’re hiring.”

A proven method to significantly improve the quality and long-term success of new hires is to engage in pre-employment assessments that determine compatibility for a position. HRN offers a range of pre-employment assessments through our partnership with Profiles International at volume discount prices. For more information check out our website at


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