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January 30, 2013

Outsourcing – Really Can Make Your Job Easier!

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Recently a news article caught my attention that really gave a new spin on the thought of outsourcing jobs.  An employee of a U.S. software developer, whom they referred to as “Bob,” independently outsourced his own job to a software developer in China for $50,000/year.  Bob was described as a “model employee” who “never missed deadlines,” according to  Instead of doing his own job, Bob reportedly spent his days at work (using the term loosely) on eBay, social media sites, and watching cat videos, while collecting his six-figure salary.  He would report his progress to management by email each day, and then go home.  Unbelievable!

While some people are skeptical that this could or did happen, what’s an employer to do?  How do you know your employees are really working?  Apparently, Bob’s job didn’t require customer contact, but it sounds as though he may not have had much contact with his manager, either!  Regular and meaningful conversation with Bob may have made a difference.  Asking Bob about progress on his projects, if he had any pain points, or even what his logic was behind certain aspects of his work would surely have helped keep Bob engaged.  Perhaps his references weren’t checked before he was hired, or they were poor references.  Since there is no test for lazy, (cat videos, really?) checking reliable references and background information are essential to finding a good hire.  One could also assume that Bob lacked loyalty to his company.  If he was a high performer, shouldn’t he have been getting more of management’s attention to foster growth and commitment?  Lastly, monitor your computer systems regularly and often.  You, too, could have an employee in China!

Click here to read Bob’s story.


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