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January 16, 2013

Difficult People Require Courageous Strategy

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After reading several articles on how to deal with difficult people, I realized they are everywhere!  They can be co-workers, neighbors, customers, schoolmates, and even family members.

The question is how we deal with them when we can’t change them.  Progress comes when we realize the only thing we can change is how we react to them.  When we remain calm and positive around them, we may find we are better able to control the strong emotions they evoke in us. If we put forth the effort to understand their personality and their background, we can begin to have insight into them as an individual.  They may still annoy us, but we begin to develop a strategy for dealing with them.

Of all people with whom we come in close contact in a day that we may deem “difficult” are our customers.  You simply cannot walk away from a customer, they must be dealt with.  Following are some tips for dealing with difficult people:

  • Don’t take their behavior personally.  You know when you see this person they can be overly demanding and they don’t always choose their words wisely.
  • Remain calm and treat them with respect.  Try to phrase any negatives you may need to deliver to them in a positive way.
  • Listen.  Many times difficult people just want to be heard.  You listening attentively to them may be the kindest thing anyone does for them all day!
  • Focus on the positive.
  • Make sure you leave them with a sincerely, kind word.

This is a starting point for changing your perception of the difficult persons that you come in contact with daily.  Putting these strategies into practice will improve your understanding of others and learn valuable lessons about yourself.


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