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December 31, 2012

Ending Things Right

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“Everything has a beginning and an ending.”  I”m sure that is a phrase you are familiar with.  Approximately 365 days ago, we began the year 2012 and now it is coming to an end.  Something I also tag along to the common phrase of “everything has a beginning and an ending” is “…it”s important to end it right.”  Whether that be the ending as an officer of an organization, ending of a job, or ending your college education, I always believe it is important to end things right.  For me, that also applies to ending 2012 right.  Here are some of the things I am going to do to end 2012 right.

1)    Clean out my paper files.  I admit – I”m a saver.  In HR, that”s not such a bad thing.  However, I need to (first) catch up on my filing and then clean out my paper files, throwing out papers that are irrelevant or are duplicates.  Additionally, I am going to organize the files in a manner that other people can find information easily rather than having to interpret my filing system.

2)    Clean out my electronic files.   My electronic files have saved me much time in hunting for a paper copy; however, they need to be cleaned out also.  Microsoft Outlook has a great tool called ” Clean Up” that I love – that is a tool I run at least once a month.  I need to save any emails that are important to the correct source file, and place any electronic files that would be useful to other colleagues in our shared directory.  I also plan to organize these files in a way that I can find them easily, as well as others.

3)    Finish up pending items and projects.  I plan to tie up any loose ends on any pending projects or items which need my attention.  For those items that require more time or additional research and planning, I will be blocking time on my calendar for early 2013 so I have a plan to get them completed.  I will also send updates to others who are involved with projects I am working on so they have a status update going into 2013.

4)   Plan for 2013.  Part of ending 2012 right, is starting 2013 out right.  You know those people you run into and you say “we need to do lunch”?  I plan to assign a month for each of those individuals and call them that month for a lunch date.  I will post my goals for 2013 on my bulletin board and schedule a monthly appointment to review them with my manager to make sure I am on the right track and on target to get them completed for the year.

5)   Right any wrongs.  Things happen during the year.  People may misinterpret actions or intentions, or communication may not have occurred that should have.  I plan to correct those, also recommitting myself to our team’s mission and company’s mission.  It’s important to stop and reflect, but also put things behind you and move ahead with a sense of renewal.

I plan to end 2012 with a sense of accomplishment regarding what I have done and carrying that forward along with a positive attitude for 2013.  It’s all about ending 2012 right…and starting the new year right.


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