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November 12, 2012

The Election Is Over…What’s Next?

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The advertisements have ended (thank goodness!) and the election results are in.  So the speculations have begun for what we may expect in 2013.  Although the President has been named, there are still many unknowns.  However, following are topics that bloggers and other HR experts are suggesting will be on the forefront.

  • Social security tax withholding – currently at 4.2% from employee’s paychecks.  Will it remain at this level or return to the previous 6.2% withholding?
  • Federal unemployment benefits – unless extended, will end December 31, 2012, affecting approximately 2 million jobless Americans.
  • Comprehensive immigration reform is certain to be an item for discussion including providing a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.
  • Job creation was certainly a hot topic during the elections.  Expect to hear more about the President’s plan to create new jobs for business and manufacturing.
  • Health care has to be on the list and is already being addressed by insurance companies and businesses as they assume healthcare reform is full steam ahead.  There are lengthy lists of items of changes that go into effect 2014.

Stay tuned to our blogs as we continue to explore more of the changes that will be affecting human resources.


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