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September 24, 2012

Minimum Wage Increase??

The United States House of Representatives has passed a measure prohibiting the federal government from issuing any new significant workplace regulations until the unemployment rate drops below six percent. The measure is unlikely to pass in the Senate. A bill has been introduced in the Senate seeking to increase the minimum wage to $9.80 per hour in three steps over the next two years. This bill is not expected to pass either the Senate or the House. Finally, a national retailer has agreed to pay over $2 million to settle an EEOC discrimination lawsuit. The case involved two plaintiffs–an employee who received numerous “sexting” cell phone text messages from a manager, and her supervisor who was fired after reporting the manager’s misconduct. The EEOC called it one of the largest settlements ever in an individual case (as opposed to a class action). I bet the involved perpetrator-manager did not text out that bit of news.

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