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September 19, 2012

What Keeps You Hanging Around?

Do you feel pretty sure about what makes people want to work at your organization?  Feeling pretty comfortable that you are a great place to work? The American Psychological Association recently released the  “Workforce Retention Survey” as a part of its Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program.  It contains some interesting findings about why American workers choose to stay with an employer.

There were some notable differences in opinion between genders and between age groups.  In particular:

  • More women than men said both work-life fit (72% vs. 62%) and enjoying the work (72% vs. 63%) were reasons they stay with their current employer.
  • Women were more likely to say they stay with their current employers because of their co-workers than men (55% vs. 48%).
  • Just about half of women surveyed (46%) say their boss is a reason they stay on the job, while about one-third of men (34%) report they stay with their current employer because of their manager.
  • Fifty-seven percent of women said they stay with their employer for the money as compared to 62 percent of men.
  • Of those surveyed age 55 and older, enjoying the work (80%), work-life fit (76%), benefits (66%), feeling connected to the organization (63%) and having an opportunity to make a difference (57%) were cited as the top reasons for staying with their current employer.
  • On the other hand, those surveyed age 18 to 34 were least likely to say that enjoying their work (58%), work-life fit (61%), and benefits (54%) kept them with their current employer.  They did say that co-workers (57%) and managers (46%) were reasons to stay.

And finally, employees who say they plan to stay with their current employers for more than two years reported the biggest drivers of this longer term view were enjoying the work, having a job that fits well with other life demands and feeling connected to the organization.

What keeps you hanging around?


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