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May 14, 2012

HR Compliance – It Doesn’t Have to be Overwhelming!

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Last week I attended an Employment Law Seminar presented in my local area.  I have attended this particular seminar for the past 10-15 years as a way to stay abreast and up-to-date in the changing world of human resources.   As I sat at the seminar this year, I flashed back to one of the first seminars I attended.  The items on this year’s agenda were similar to many of the items that appeared on that year’s list of topics:  FLSA, FMLA, ADA, and Harassment.  However, added to that list are topics ranging from social media in the workplace to GINA.

I often hear from clients who say “I just can’t keep up with everything going on in HR along with my regular job as fill-in-the-blank”.  I reply by saying it’s difficult for HR to keep up with HR, even if you are a dedicated resource for the discipline of HR.  One of the more challenging areas to keep up with is the area of compliance, which depends largely on case law.  As we explore compliance this quarter, I find it necessary to mention a tool that HRN Performance Solutions offers as a tremendous resource to anyone who deals with HR, whether it is a small part of your job or your primary function.  It isn’t very often that I mention our products in my blogs, but as an HR professional, I have to share this one with you.

The product is called HR Suite and it is one of those tools I wish I would have had in my hip pocket when I was working for my past employers as an HR professional.  HR Suite is a complete collection of human resources management tools and services.  It includes a company HR Policy Manual for managers and supervisors, an Employee Handbook written in everyday language, along with an HR Resource Library including over 200 forms and tools.  As you know, the human resources management field is a rapidly changing, dynamic, and expanding field.  HR Suite is updated semi-annually so you will have the resources to keep up with the constant changes affecting your employees and organization.

How many times in previous positions would I have loved to have a resource like this, not to mention how smart and clever it would have made me appear.  We at HRN try to deliver relevant and up-to-date information to help you through our HR Content services of blogs, twitter feeds, Facebook updates and HRN newsletters.  Hopefully they are helpful to you in some way.   If we can ever assist in additional ways, such as through HR Suite, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you.


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