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May 7, 2012

Help from the DOL for Summer Jobs

My 16 year old son will soon have his first summer job.  I remember my first job and receiving my first paycheck.  It seemed it was a windfall although I’m sure the numbers on my check weren’t that large.  Somehow the value of it seemed like so much more than if it had been given to me as a Christmas present or tucked away in a birthday card.  It’s a different feeling when the money is earned, actual output of pay for my accomplishments.

The Department of Labor has launched a new tool to help those looking for summer jobs.  With summer soon approaching, Secretary Solis traveled to Philadelphia to join Mayor Michael Nutter in announcing the launch of the Summer Jobs Bank – a new online search tool to help connect young people to jobs, internships and other employment opportunities.

Since President Obama’s call to action in January, public and private organizations have stepped up to make nearly 300,000 summer opportunities available to help address the record unemployment rate for the nation”s youth. “As a pathway to careers, summer employment is critical to the success of young people, good for business, and important for our country,” said Secretary Solis. Three cities, Philadelphia, Chicago and San Francisco, have partnered with the Obama administration to develop innovative collaboration with the businesses in their communities that provide youth critical life and job skills they need to start their careers.  Below are some links to related articles.

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I anxiously await the moment when my son receives his first paycheck and watch him experience the fulfillment of a monetary reward for his efforts.   Secretary Solis put it best:  “There is no replacement for the dignity that comes with earning your first paycheck.”  My hope is that many more youth will also be able to experience this.


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