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March 5, 2012

Another Annoying Day at the Workplace

We all have those little things that drive us crazy at home.  It seems there are a lot of people who also have their list of things that drive them crazy at the workplace.  A new poll by Fitness magazine and Yahoo! Shine reveals pet peeves in the workplace as identified by over 2,000 men and women.  It seems that personal behavior and work habits top the list.  Following are some of the top items on the list, along with breakdown between male and female responses:

Pet Peeve



Co-worker body odor 41% 38%
Stealing credit for your ideas 36% 39%
Loud, personal telephone conversations 31% 33%
Stealing from the break room fridge 27% 27%
Eating stinky food in the office 13% 12%

Interestingly, LinkedIn also completed a survey last September and had different results.  LinkedIn surveyed 1,900 people in the U.S.  It seems the common denominator in both surveys involves the office fridge.  Their results, in order of votes, are as follows:

People who don’t take ownership of their actions.
Constant complainers.
People who don’t clean up after themselves when using the fridge, the microwave or other common areas.
Boring meetings that start late or go way too long.
People who consistently seem to miss your email.

Other advice from the survey suggests that if you are the peeving offender and confronted about a pet peeve, it’s best to say thank you and make changes.

What are some of your workplace pet peeves?



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