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March 1, 2012

How’s Your Wellness Plan Moving Along? Part 2 of 2

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Are you thinking more strategically about your wellness plan?  Take time now to evaluate your plan and make sure you’re moving in the right directions.

Here are the remaining seven ideas to consider as you develop and refine your plan:

  • Program Integration.  Have you considered how to integrate all of the different tools and initiatives available into one consistent program or message? For example, can your dental insurer provide information about the relationship between healthy teeth and a healthy heart?  Or is the theme this year just going to be about getting moving?  How can all of my providers help support this initiative and allow your employees to access information from one centralized tool or source?
  • Disease Management.  For those employees who may have been identified by your healthcare provider to be a part of a disease management program (for diseases such as diabetes or heart disease), is the program easy to enroll in and accessible anywhere?  And, is the plan designed so employees can have reduced co-pays or no co-pays for office visits?
  • Health Coaches.  Does your program offer health coaches for smokers or for pregnancy or for cancer?  Having the right help at the right time will increase perceived value to the employee and keep them on the right track.
  • Sharing Results.  What type of program results can you share with your employees?  Just like sharing sales and profitability information, are you sharing how their wellness efforts are impacting your organization?  Although some of these trends will take time to become evident, are you looking for immediate wins such as total pounds lost in the company Weight Watchers program or the success of the Walkathon team formed to support a local charity?

Your new wellness initiative may not incorporate all of these considerations or it may be mature enough that it includes more components.  No matter where you are on the wellness roadmap, developing a long-term focus and structured plan are essential to increasing employee confidence and moving your wellness program in the right direction.

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