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December 30, 2011

HR Fact Friday: HR Trends in 2012

Are we really just one week away from the turning of the calendar to the year 2012? We work in and provide services to an industry [HR] where someone on the outside looking in may not think much ever changes. HR professionals know differently. Benefits administration, employment law, integrated talent management solutions, compensation programs, etc., etc. The list goes on. I would venture to say that every year at least one major HR program changes dramatically in most every company. And this goes equally for companies providing technology and consulting solutions to the HR marketplace like HRN.

So what predictions does Bersin & Associates see on the short horizon for 2012? According to a report published in November, 2011 and partially reprinted on, the following trends and changes are predicted to occur that will affect small businesses:

  • Deep integration of talent acquisitions—recruiting and staffing—into talent management.
  • Social tools and ads for finding talent will grow dramatically in 2012, forcing staffing agencies and job boards to re-engineer their offerings.

  • A heavy focus on building programs to drive engagement of workers under the age of 30.
  • By 2013, 47 percent of all employees will be those born after 1977.
  • Corporate training will continue to transform from the centralized program-centric, university model to programs that are social, informal and on demand.
  • Organizations will accelerate their focus on career development.
  • HR, training, recruiting and generalist professionals are going to be trained in 2012 to become comfortable with the many new approaches, tools and solutions in the market. HR professionals will have to be technically aware.

To view HR Magazines HR Trends charts go here:

[See HR Magazine's trends graphics here.]

Happy New Year from HRN Performance Solutions!


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