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December 28, 2011

Here We Go Again…Another New Year Around the Corner!!

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Here we go again.  Just around the corner is the beginning of another year – 2012.  I have completed my long list of personal resolutions for next year (narrowed down to a more manageable number of items to tackle.)  I’ve also been thinking about my work resolutions for next year and have come up with a few.  Some of these continue to carry over from one year, where others are new items.  So here they are:

  • Only have a meeting if it is necessary to have a meeting – How many times have you been in the meeting trap to have regularly scheduled meetings week after week without any particular agenda?  There are times when it is critical to have a meeting with all vested parties involved in the conversation, but there are times when an email will also serve the same purpose without interrupting the work flow of others in the office.
  • Learn to say “no” – I’m a pleaser, always have been a pleaser, and continue to be a pleaser.  So it is difficult for me to say no when asked to take on an additional task.  At the very least, I am vowing to say “no, not now” but I am also committing to say “no” in an effort to be honest to myself and my colleagues about what I can accomplish timely and professionally.
  • Delegate when it makes sense – I know I am not the only person that can complete tasks assigned to me.  By letting others take charge or participate in projects, I am helping the company by allowing other colleagues to gain new experiences.  It is critical that we provide more knowledge sharing opportunities proactively.  Additionally, oftentimes a new perspective may shed light on a more efficient process.

These are a few items I have on my list for next year.  What are yours?  I’d like to hear so please share!!


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