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December 19, 2011

How Do I Know if Salary Survey Data is Reliable?

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We all know that salary surveys are a key part of the process for making salary decisions.  But do we really know how to determine if salary survey data is reliable?  With the fairly recent access to salary data on the internet, there are even more reasons to question reliability of salary information which may be end up on your desk from coworkers.

You may have discovered that different salary surveys often provide conflicting or widely varying data. This is one of the main reasons a market based compensation system (one that is developed strictly from salary surveys) is difficult to maintain or administer. The conflict comes from three factors associated with collecting the data:

1)      the size of the sample;

2)      the closeness of match in the jobs being surveyed; and

3)      the selection of the organizations responding to the survey.

These factors are going to be discussed further in our December whitepaper, which will be published soon.  If you aren’t signed up for our whitepapers, please go to .  You’ll receive monthly whitepapers referencing topics of importance to you and your organization.  And best of all, they are FREE!


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