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December 8, 2011

Bacon of the Month Club or a Zombie Figurine: Which Would You Pick?

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It turns out companies and their employees just may be spreading a bit more holiday cheer in 2011.  Festive parties, gifts, even bonuses are on the rise from last year.  Careerbuilder’s survey of over 2,600 employers revealed that if your company is giving you a bonus, odds are good it will be at least as much as last year (73 percent); some companies are giving bigger bonuses (14 percent).  Parties are on the rise as well, with 58 percent of employers planning to host a party for their employees (up 6 percent from 2010).

In addition to parties and bonuses, 30 percent of companies planned to give gifts to their employees.  Hopefully, these gifts are somewhere in the middle between the gift subscription to the jelly of the month club (poor Clark Griswold, but it IS the gift that keeps on giving year round) and the iPod from the boss (thanks, Michael Scott).

Last week, I blogged about some of the ways companies celebrate, and I would still love to hear your ideas.  I talked about a few of the things we’ve done around our office over the years.  The strangest gifts we received were from the Something store, when we had no idea what we were going to get.

Almost a quarter of Careerbuilder’s respondents said they planned to buy gifts for their co-workers this year and an equal number planned to give something to their boss as well.   Here are some of the most memorable gifts people received from their co-workers:

  • a zombie figurine
  • a keychain that shouts expletives
  • bacon of the month club
  • a ceramic snake
  • a clock that meows three times on the hour
  • a hand-painted landscape on a toilet seat
  • a glass high-heel shoe filled with dish soap
  • mustache scissors
  • a whip
  • a 12-pack of cola

What’s the strangest gift you’ve received from a coworker?


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