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November 21, 2011

Does Your Engagement Transfer from the Thanksgiving Table to the Workplace?

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Around the dinner table Thursday, most of us will be gathering with family to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving feast.   If the same is true as in past years, our family and guests will be deeply engaged in eating.  And this engaging behavior will begin with the first bites of turkey and conclude with second servings of pumpkin pie.

It’s unfortunate we cannot transfer this engaging behavior to the workplace.  On October 28, Gallup posted an article with the headline “Majority of American Workers Not Engaged in Their Jobs.”   Some of the findings were rather disturbing and include the following information from Gallup:

  • Worker disengagement accounts for more than $300 billion annually in lost productivity in the U.S. alone
  • Only 1/3 of workers are enthusiastic about the work they do and feel they are contributing to their organization in positive ways
  • Middle-aged and highly educated workers are least likely to be engaged

Obviously, engagement is not enduring from the beginning of the work day with the first cup of coffee until the last meeting or conference call of the day.  We are certainly not exhibiting the same sort of engagement in our jobs as we do during outside activities, such as our Thanksgiving feasts.

So what is going on?  In my next blog we will talk about some insights from the American Psychological Association, and also explore what can be done.

To read more about the Gallup survey, you may visit these websites:




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