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October 12, 2011

Weekly Wednesday Acronym – Happy 95th Birthday FECA!

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If you’re like me, FECA is an acronym I don’t run across very often.  Unless you’re a federal employer, you probably haven’t had much experience with FECA, which stands for the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act.  Enacted in 1916, FECA provides federal employees injured on-duty with workers’ compensation benefits, which include wage-loss benefits for total or partial disability, monetary benefits for permanent loss of use of a schedule member, medical benefits, and vocational rehabilitation.

Originally staffed by a three member Employees’ Compensation Commission and a $50,000 budget, the program has grown to provide medical benefits and compensation to more than a quarter million federal employees who have been injured at work. The Act also provides survivor benefits should a worker die due to an employment injury, and obligates employees receiving benefits to undergo medical evaluations and to seek and accept suitable work if they are able. The Labor Department took over administration of the program in 1950, where it is currently administered by the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP) – yet another acronym for a future blog!

Currently, approximately three million federal workers and postal workers around the world are beneficiaries of worker’s compensation payments through FECA as a result of employment-related injuries and occupational diseases.

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