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October 7, 2011

HR Fact Friday: Random Thoughts from HR Technology Conference

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Hi All! Having just returned from the HR Technology Conference and Expo this week in Las Vegas I have a few random thoughts to share.

1. Noticed the latest trend/fad of putting word “Social” in a growing number of product names and descriptions of services. Is betting your HR infrastructure on the fate and technology of Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin really a sound business strategy? Yes they are popular today but what about in 5 years? What will be next, and . . . where’s the content?

2. Speaking of content and as a marketer I believe one of the main differentiators that sets apart HRN services and solutions from our competitors is the content and expertise we bring to the table and have built into our solutions (at no small cost). At the expo I saw many impressive interface designs, demos,  flashy booths and T-shirts with catchy slogans but many of these tools require the client to put in all the data and create the content.

3. From the looks of the attendees walking the conference floor Gen Y has officially arrived and as a baby boomer I feel a bit long in the tooth. If your solutions and services are not resonating with this up and coming generation of workers and decision makers you may be missing the mark.

4. True talent management integration has a long way to go between the promise and the product. In a breakout session poll done by raising of hands over half of the audience expressed dissatisfaction with their current talent management provider and would consider moving to an alternate solution. In other words don’t overestimate client loyalty and don’t underestimate ease of use and ROI. Cool will only take it so far. And secondly there remains a significant gap between vendor claims of integrated solutions and the reality of what integration really means.

That’s all for now. HR remains an exciting, rewarding, and progressive profession. Talent management is now recognized as a business imperative and strategic advantage among companies of all sizes and industries. The one thing all employers have in common is that their most precious, valued, mercurial, expensive, and challenging resources is their people. Managing people effectively while saving our clients time and money is what HRN is all about and has been for 23 years.


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