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September 20, 2011

The 10 Most Unwanted at Work: Are You one of Them?

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We all encounter difficult people, sometimes it seems that is all we come across. Most of the difficult people we come into contact with are in the place we spend most of our time – work. Dr. Rick Brinkman and Dr. Rick Kirschner are authors of Dealing With People You Can’t Stand. They identify 10 types of difficult people:

1.       The Tank. She rolls right over you, or anyone else who gets in her way. This person bullies and attacks others and their ideas.

2.       The Grenade. Silent one moment, exploding the next – that is this guy’s modus operandi. The explosion itself is all-encompassing and he rants about issues that are rarely the immediate concern.

3.       The Sniper. A not-so-subtle roll of the eyes, biting sarcasm, or talking behind your back are tactics this person uses – all designed to make herself look better than you do.

4.       The Know-It-All. Don’t even think about contradicting this person! He knows everything, just ask him. Rest assured he’ll blame you when things go wrong.

5.       The Think-They-Know-It-All. A legend in her own mind, she can fool some of the people all of the time. She is great at pretending she knows it all to get attention.

6.       The No Person. Imagine spending all your working hours with a two-year-old, and you’ll have a good idea what dealing with him is like. He has ONE word in his vocabulary, “NO!”

7.       The Yes Person. She is always swamped, because all she says is “Yes.” This person is so overcommitted that it is sometimes impossible to get her to actually complete a project.

8.       The Maybe Person. You can never get him to commit to anything. He waits so long to make a decision, the decision makes itself.

9.       The Nothing Person. This person’s response is not yes, no, or maybe. You get nothing from her.

10.     The Whiner. Misery loves company, and there is plenty to share when this person is around. Everyone is out to get this person, and he is constantly overwhelmed.

By this point, if you are past the denial point of believing that you do not fit into any of these categories yourself, come back next week for some tips to deal with these personalities – even if it’s you!


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  1. Honestly what should one do when one person literally covers nearly all these points and makes most staff miserable, costs people their jobs because they are pathological liars on top of this and some of the higher ups, just don’t get it or don’t deal with it so haven’t seen the full brunt of it. It ruins lives, business and careers. There has to be some concretea laws put in place; these people are next to criminals in their behavior and the devastation they cause.

    Comment by Lindy — September 25, 2011 @ 5:21 pm

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