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September 15, 2011

“Getting There Safely is Everyone’s Business:” Drive Safely Work Week – Oct. 3-7

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Everyone by now has heard the warnings about texting or talking on the phone while driving.  How many of us will admit to catching up with a friend, texting or emailing while we are driving?  I don’t pretend to be innocent – I have done it myself.  Did you know that using your phone while driving reduces your brain activity by 37 percent?*

In most states, talking or texting while driving is against the law. Currently, 34 states, the District of Columbia and Guam have laws in place banning the use of mobile devices while driving.  The U.S. Government’s official site – – includes a link for each state’s law.

If you have a mobile device policy in place at your company, are you sure it is being enforced?  Do you know that employees are complying with the policy?  Are members of senior management behind it (and are they visibly showing support)?  Is management inadvertently encouraging the use by demanding employees are available any time?

The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety has partnered with the U.S. Department of Transportation to sponsor Drive Safely Work Week, October 3-7. This initiative seeks to help employers by creating a week of activities that will encourage everyone to eliminate distractions while driving.  This year’s campaign is: Focus 360: Getting There Safely is Everyone’s Business.

In case you decided to keep reading – instead of going to the site right now! – maybe this video will change your mind.

Go to Drive Safely Work Week’s website and download the massive amount of free materials to help your organization participate.  You’ll find: posters; tips for drivers, passengers, and cyclists; banners you can use on the company Intranet page; links to videos, a sample launch letter; and daily activities.

*Carnegie Mellon, 2008

Drive Safely Work Week 2011: Getting There Safely is Everyone’s Business


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