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August 4, 2011

Don’t Read These Books!

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Recently, I came across a blog that caught my eye: 10 Books Your Boss Doesn’t Want You to Read. The author, Geoffrey James blogs for, part of the CBS network. He compiled his list from books that stand out for a variety of reasons, from exposing corporate greed to office politics.

  1. 21 Dirty Tricks at Work, Mike Phipps and Colin Gautrey
  2. The Peter Principle: Why Things Always Go Wrong, Dr. Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull
  3. How to Lie With Statistics, Darrell Huff
  4. Crazy Bosses, Stanley Bing
  5. Cubicle Warfare: 101 Office Traps and Pranks, John Austin
  6. Poorly Made in China, Paul Midler
  7. The Good Old Days: They Were Terrible!, Otto L. Bettmann
  8. Ask the Headhunter, Nick A. Corcodilos
  9. The Gospels in the Bible (“Today’s ‘Greed is Good’ corporate world is the complete antithesis of what Jesus actually preached.”)
  10. The Dilbert Principle, Scott Adams (says James: “Read this book and you’ll never take work seriously again.”)

My list of books is ever-growing, and I may add a few from Mr. James’ list as well. For more, read his blog on


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