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August 3, 2011

Service Quality Strategies with Olivia – The Perceptions Gap

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Last month, we discussed the fourth of the potential gaps in service quality. Today, we will look at the Perceptions Gap.

The Perceptions Gap

The Perceptions Gap is the difference between what the employee believes he or she has received and what was actually delivered.

To avoid this gap in service quality:

  • Communicate continually with employees throughout the process of delivery.
  • Whenever possible, provide physical evidence of what has been delivered to the employee (tangibles).
  • Provide documentation on your company intranet site that outlines the process and what employees can expect from the service you are delivering.

Taking the time to address each of these possible pitfalls ensures there is not a gap in your overall Service Quality. Once you have identified the specific issues that are barriers to your service quality, you can address them to close the gap and maintain a high level of quality.

Part 1: The Knowledge Gap

Part 2: The Policy Gap

Part 3: The Delivery Gap

Part 4: The Communications Gap

Reference for Further Reading

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