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July 6, 2011

“Hello, my name is”…introductions in the business world.

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You’ve heard the saying “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression,” below are some tips for making a good first impression!

Who goes first?

Age and gender are not relevant in business introductions. When introducing people in a business situation, always use a person’s rank in determining the order. The rule is to introduce or present the junior person to the more senior person. To do this, say the name of the senior person first and the person who is being presented last. If you are introducing your new employee, Beth Jones to your CEO, Janice Michaels, it would sound like this: “Janice Michaels, I’d like to introduce Beth Jones. She is our newest employee in the accounting department and Janice Michaels is our CEO.”
In the event that you are introducing a client to an employee at your company, regardless of rank, always introduce the client first. To introduce the CEO, Janice Michaels, to the vice president of your client’s company, Jim Thompson, say the following: “Mr. Thompson, I’d like to introduce Ms. Michaels, the CEO of XYZ Corporation.”

Introducing yourself

When meeting new colleagues, associates, or clients or in other situations where you need to introduce yourself, extend your hand and say, “Hello, I am Marilyn Walker. I am the Marketing Director with Company XYZ.”

Introducing a group

When introducing one person to a group of people, it is sometimes helpful to introduce several people at one time. “Ms. Jones, I’d like to present Steven Walker and John Rogers. They are account executives. Steven and John, this is Ms. Sandra Jones, the new vice president of marketing.”
If you are in a large group and making many introductions, it is beneficial to include a little information about each person to help them start a conversation.

Other tidbits…

*Always use first and last names or Mr./ Mrs./ Ms./Dr. until invited to use a first name only.
*If you are wearing a nametag, it should be placed on the right side. This allows others to easily look at your name tag while shaking your hand.
*If you forget a person’s name when making an introduction, don’t panic! Say something like, “I’m sorry, your name has just slipped my mind.”
*Firm handshakes are crucial in introductions. They create a sense of confidence and sincerity when greeting someone.
*When first meeting someone, avoid controversial subjects such as religion, politics and money.

Brushing up on the proper way to introduce yourself and others is a great way to ensure that your first meeting with a potential boss, coworker or client will be successful.


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