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June 20, 2011

I’ll Take a Chocolate Sprinkle With My Latte

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We’ve all known that coffee is incredibly important to many employees to start and get through their work days.  Now, apparently, we have survey results to confirm that.   Yes, Dunkin’ Donuts and Career Builder have teamed up to determine just how many of us need coffee to successfully maneuver our workday.  According to the study, 32% of those surveyed indicated that they needed coffee to get through the work day, while 43% indicated that they are more productive with it.

Certain positions seem to be more likely to need their latte fix with nurses, doctors, hotel workers, architects, financial/insurance sales reps, food preparers, engineers, and teachers leading the way.  Fifty-five percent of younger workers (age 18-24) indicated that they’d be less productive without coffee vs. 28% of older employees (age 55+).  Employees in the Northeast seemed to be the most coffee dependent, with those in the Midwest the least.   There was no report as to whether a donut with coffee helped or hindered productivity.



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