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June 8, 2011

Tips on Tipping

Have you ever wondered how much to tip in different situations?  Having to tip in front of peers, coworkers and clients adds another level of complexity to the equation.  To help prepare you for these situations, here’s a list of common business tipping guidelines:

At the airport:

                Skycap: $1-$2per bag

At your hotel:

                Doorman/Bellman: $1-$2 per bag

                Concierge: $5 – $10 for special favors

                Housekeeper: $2 – $3 per night

                Room service: 15-18% of bill before taxes

                Delivery of special items: $1 per item, minimum $2

At a restaurant:

                Coat check: $1 – $2 per item

                Maitre D: $10 – $15 depending on occasion

                Wait staff: 15-20% before taxes

                Wine sommelier: tipping optional, but consider 5-10% of cost of wine

                Restroom attendant: $.50 – $1.00

                If you take up a table for a long time, tip extra


                Taxi drivers: $10 – $15 of fare

                Limos: 20% of bill

                Valet services: $2 – $3

Bus Driver: $1 to $2        

Tips are a form of gratuity and are customary in the U.S.  For additional information regarding tipping, including customs internationally, I’ve found this site to be a good resource:


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