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June 6, 2011

What Do Millenials Really Want in a Job?

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The answers may surprise you!  Recently the Career Advisory Board, presented by DeVry University, conducted a survey of 500 Millenials and 523 hiring managers who interact with Millenials at work.  The survey of these young professionals, ages 21 to 31, indicated that doing work that is meaningful is most important.  Below are the survey results:

Most important factors that indicate career success according to Millenials and what Managers think is most important to Millenials:
  Millenials Manager
Meaningful work 30% 11%
High Pay 27% 48%
Sense of Accomplishment 24% 11%
Challenging Work 10% 8%
High Level of Self Expression 6% 9%
High Level of Responsibility 3% 12%


As you can see, there are some discrepancies between what Millenials indicated vs. what Managers thought.  So what can be done to close this gap?  Some action items for Millenials would be to develop relationships with mentors in the workplace, pursue advanced education and learn transferable skills, capitalize on strengths and select industries that best support those strengths.  Managers of Millenials can implement programs to educate employees on intergenerational dynamics to build a better sense of community in their teams, and provide soft-skill training for Millenials focusing on items that assimilate the workplace.



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