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April 18, 2011

Service Quality Strategies with Olivia

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Every company has a product. Imagine your favorite restaurant. Why do you go back again and again? Instead of considering one reason, it is probably a favorite because of the whole of the experience: the food, the atmosphere, and the staff’s high level of service.

Consider your company’s HR department. The product is the service you give to your customers, the employees. In an organization with service as its product, the quality of the service the customer receives is one of the most significant indicators of success. One way to evaluate the quality of service delivered to customers is to compare the customer’s original expectations and needs to their perception of the received service. Potential gaps in the service process, whether part of design or delivery, have the potential to affect the quality of service received.

There are seven factors to consider in closing the gaps in the service process. The ultimate goal is to close the gap in Service Quality as much as possible, as this is the most critical. One strategy to lessen the gaps is to institute forms of measurement for service quality. In the coming months, we will discuss each of the Service Quality Gaps and strategies for closing those gaps.

The Knowledge Gap

The Knowledge Gap is the difference between what the HR department believes employees need and desire, and what they actually do need or want in a service.

In addressing this gap, consider ways that you can get to know your customers’ needs. Some suggested strategies:

  • Employee Opinion surveys that include an effective method for addressing concerns
  • Focus groups that include a cross-section of employees
  • Encourage ongoing communication between management and the front-line employees

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Next month: addressing the Policy Gap



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