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April 4, 2011

Don’t Lead Me That Way

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Being a leader in an organization is a step on the career ladder many aspire to attain.  However, many organizations apparently aren’t doing a very good job in providing leadership skills training.  According to a new CareerBuilder survey, more than one-quarter (26%) of managers said they weren’t ready to become a leader when they started managing others.  Of the 3,910 U.S. workers surveyed representing more than 2,480 U.S. employers, 58% said they didn’t receive any management training.

The workers in management positions stated the following as their biggest challenges:

  • Dealing with issues between coworkers on their team – 25%
  • Motivating team members – 22%
  • Performance reviews – 15%
  • Finding the resources needed to support the team – 15%
  • Creating career paths for their team – 12%

When it came to rating supervisors, a majority of participants in the survey (59%) felt their boss was doing a good job.  The top concerns identified include:

  • Plays favorites – 23%
  • Doesn’t follow through on what he / she promises – 21%
  • Doesn’t listen to concerns – 21%
  • Doesn’t provide regular feedback – 20%
  • Doesn’t motivate me – 17%
  • Only provides negative feedback – 14%

We all know the importance of good leadership in establishing culture, performance standards, and influencing employee morale.  Management training programs should be an essential part of an organization’s budget in order to develop today’s and tomorrow’s leaders.  HRN Performance Solutions offers a great tool to simplify the performance review process, a critical piece of effective management.


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