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March 28, 2011

What’s the Most Annoying Work Behavior?

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There are lots of office annoyances but several really stand out, according to a survey by Opinium Research.  The survey found that the Top 10 office annoyances were:

1.   Grumpy or moody colleagues (37%)

2.   Slow computers (36%)

3.   Small talk/gossip in the office (19%)

4.   The use of office or management jargon (18%)

5.   People speaking loudly on the phone (18%)

6.   Too much health and safety in the work place (16%)

7.   Poor toilet etiquette (16%)

8.   People not showing up for meetings on time or at all (16%)

9.   People not tidying up after themselves in the kitchen (15%)

10.  Too cold/cold air conditioning (15%)

As for the top most annoying business jargon:  “Thinking outside the box” comes in first at 21%, followed by  “Let’s touch base” (20%), “Blue sky thinking” (19%), “Blamestorming” (16%), “Drill down to a more granular level” (15%), “Let’s not throw pies in the dark” (15%), “I’ve got that on my radar” (13%), “Push the envelope” (12%), “Bring your A-game” (11%) and finally, “Get all your ducks in a row” (11%).



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