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December 14, 2010

Selecting Attendees is Key to Running a Successful Meeting

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Having a successful meeting often starts with making sure the right people are at the table.  Keeping in mind that great ideas are often born from commitment, conflict and differences of opinion, the attendees should be those people in the organization that have a strong “line of sight” to the matter at hand.  In other words, invite those people that have the ability, authority, resources and commitment to make things happen.

Also, Dan Burrier makes this suggestion; “Next time you are organizing a meeting, don’t focus on making it go smoothly. Instead, pay attention to moving your business objective forward. Only invite people who truly have a stake in the goal, not those who have a territorial claim or just want to be heard.”

“Good results come from complex, iterative, and challenging processes. Rather than making sure your ideas and discussion fit perfectly into the hour time frame, be willing to leave the issue unresolved and have another ‘bad’ meeting to follow up.”

Adapted from “Be Brave: Have a Bad Meeting” by Dan Burrier



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