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October 6, 2010

Around the States

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A new Connecticut law (Public Act No. 10-144), effective October 1, 2010, provides additional employment protections for victims of family violence.  It also provides leave for employees dealing with family violence issues.

Effective January 1, 2011, a new Illinois law, the Employee Credit Privacy Act, will significantly restrict employers’ use of credit information in making employment decisions.  The law applies to most Illinois employers, but excludes financial institutions, insurance companies, law enforcement, state and local government agencies, and debt collectors.

A change in the Illinois Family Military Leave Act, effective January1, 2011, expands leave from employees who are spouses or parents of those called to military service, to also include children and grandchildren of service members.

Tennessee law has been changed to specifically allow employee payment by electronic payments, not just by check or cash.

A new law significantly modifies the Massachusetts Criminal Offender Records Information Act. Motivated by the desire to help find employment for those with a criminal past, the law provides protection for employers who use criminal record information, restricts employer access to some information, and provides certain rights to applicants with criminal records.

An amendment (effective August 1, 2010) to the Massachusetts Personnel Records Statute, changes how Massachusetts employers handle personnel files. The amendment requires employee notification when employers add new information to a “personnel record” that could negatively affect employment or lead to corrective action.

Note that “personnel record” also includes informal records kept by a supervisor.  More guidance will be required to determine how this will be interpreted.


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