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September 2, 2010

What Inspires People To Go The Extra Mile At Google?

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Randy Knaflic,  Director of Staffing and Programmes @  EMEA, Google, while speaking at the Marcus Evans HR & Talent Summit  in Switzerland on June 14, 2010, shared his thoughts on what inspires people go the extra mile.

Most HR people would probably agree that financial incentives motivate employees to be successful. That said, while financial rewards are very important, the leading forces that drive my team is our trust and confidence in their abilities and openness about our joint objectives. When employees are given a clear set of goals, they get a sense of accomplishment once targets are achieved. Creative freedom is also very inspiring. At Google, we are known for giving individuals the freedom to expand on and grow their ideas, spending 20 per cent of their time on pet projects, for instance. In fact, some of Google’s most interesting and successful products have resulted from ‘20% time’. I think these types of initiatives, more so than money, encourage employees to try different, bigger and better things.

Source: PRLog (Press Release)


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