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April 23, 2010

HR Fact Friday: Higher Ed Faculty, Staff Finding Limited Opps for Advancement

According to HR Solutions, Inc., only half of those working in higher education have favorable opinions on promotions/career advancement opportunities at their institutions. As part of a three-year study, HR Solutions surveyed approximately 133,750 faculty and staff members from 38 different institutions concerning 19 separate dimensions ranging from job stress to training and development to productivity/efficiency and several others. Of the 19 areas measured, one of the lowest-scoring dimensions included that of promotions/career advancement; only 51% of faculty and staff members surveyed had favorable opinions on this topic. 37% of respondents said that promotions at their institution are based on performance; 33% believe that job promotions at their institution are fair and objective; 32% said they are satisfied with their future prospects for promotions.

While the faculty and staff members surveyed do not see themselves moving forward on paths toward promotions, they have observed themselves progressing in terms of professional knowledge and skills. 75% of respondents said they work at an institution that provides them with the opportunity to improve their professional knowledge and job skills. 77% answered either ‘strongly agree’ or ‘agree’ to the statement “My job responsibilities contribute to my professional development.”

“Institutions need to be aware that while many faculty and staff members see themselves progressing in their individual development at work, they do not see opportunities for promotions or career advancement,” says HR Solutions Cheif Executive Officer Kevin Sheridan. “Research has consistently shown that career development acts as a key driver in promoting engagement. In order to keep faculty and staff engaged and productive, institutions need to provide them with visible opportunities for advancement.”

Source: CUPA-HR, The Higher Education Workplace, Spring 2010, pg 4.


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