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April 16, 2010

HR Fact Friday: Tall Women Earn More Than Short Ones

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Want a Raise? Better don your stilettos and stand up straighter. Tall women earn more than shorter ones, according to a new British study reported in the Daily Mail. Women who are five feet eight inches or more are twice as likely to earn $46,000 and above annually, which comes out to $8,000 more than their shorter colleagues.

For the study, 1,461 women over age 16 were asked questions about their height and their salary. Some 20 percent of the participants who were in the “tall” category reported annual earnings of $46,000, compared to just 10 percent of women whose height was under 5 feet eight inches.

The study also showed that the taller a woman is, the more comfortable she is with her body. And a quarter of the tall women reported not wanting to change anything about themselves.

Yet 90 percent of the shorter women reported being unhappy with their appearance, according to the research, which was done for the clothing chain, Long Tall Sally.

“Research shows that tall people are consistently more successful in the workplace,” Arianne Cohen, author of “The Tall Book: A Celebration of Life From On High,” told the Mail.

“Research shows that tall people are consistently more successful in the workplace. Not only do they earn more but they’re more likely to be in leadership positions.”

Source: New York Daily News, Rosemary Black


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