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February 17, 2010

2010 HR Educational Webinar – Employee Opinion Surveys

HRN’s 2010 HR Educational Webinar series continues with a unique and informative discussion being presented on Tuesday, March 16 2010 at 2pm Eastern Time by HRN Consultant, Gene Mandarino.

The topic is:
Employee Opinion Surveys – Improving the Workplace

To register go to:

An employee opinion survey is a dynamic process that generates valuable feedback. It can measure employee attitudes about important matters that affect productivity, turnover and their level of engagement. Done correctly, the survey will yield some very clear actions management and employees can take to enhance what is working well and address areas that need improvement. Done poorly, a survey will erode employee trust and leave staff feeling frustrated and demoralized.

In this 60-minute FREE HR educational webinar you will learn:
- Best practices and common mistakes made when administering an employee opinion survey
- Common areas of dissatisfaction
- Real strategies organizations have used to positively impact areas of dissatisfaction

We look forward to your participation.


Paul Hendrycks
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
HRN Management Group


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