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December 22, 2009

2010 HR Predictions From the HR Bartender

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  1. Outsourcing and contract work will gain momentum.  Before companies make commitments to hiring more staff, they’ll use external resources for projects. This means management teams need to understand the principles of vendor and project management.  And, they need to be prepared to hold an external consultant accountable for results.
  2. Professional development is going to look different.  We need conferences to stimulate business travel as part of our economic recovery.  But what events will people attend?  I believe it will be the ones that figure out how to balance the traditional conference structure with the topic timeliness of unconferences.
  3. Corporate training will change in the upcoming year as well.  Participants will want to talk about their issues on their time.  This means training agendas will need to include some free flowing discussion time.  And, trainers will need to not only have good training platform-vs-training skills that target platform skills, but be savvy in the art of facilitation as well.
  4. Time will trump money.  If employees can’t have money, then the perk they will want is time.  Look for this to take shape in terms of telecommuting, flextime, and possibly job sharing.  Managers will need to get educated on managing a virtual workforce and building virtual teams.
  5. Management coaching will become a key retention tool.  When the mass exodus starts (and it will), companies will have to figure out a way to show key employees they care.  Giving them a coach will send a positive message to the employee regarding their future and yield significant results for the company.
  6. And the buzzword word for 2010 will be ‘trust.’  We all know that people buy from individuals and companies they trust.  Companies will develop marketing strategies around building customer trust.  Human resources will develop programs to create employee trust.

Source: Sharlyn Lauby-The HR Bartender


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