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November 30, 2009

Around the States

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Effective October 26, 2009 New York employers will be required to inform new hires in writing of their pay rates and pay day. Non-exempt employees must also be informed of  their overtime rates. A written acknowledgement must also be obtained from each new employee.

The New York City Council is also considering a proposal to require all employers, regardless of size, to provide paid sick leave to employees. San Francisco and Washington, D.C. already have such requirements.  Milwaukee passed a similar ordinance which was later declared unconstitutional.

Salt Lake City has passed an ordinance prohibiting private employers (i.e. those with 15 or more employees within the SLC limits) from discriminating in employment matters against “otherwise qualified” persons (both applicants and employees) based on sexual orientation or gender identity.  State entities (except SLC), religious organizations and “expressive organizations” are exempted from the ordinance.


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