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September 18, 2009

Incentive Pro Product Launch on Schedule

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HRN Management Group is on schedule for the October 20th, 2009 release of Incentive Pro.  Incentive Pro, developed by HRN compensation experts, is an online incentive compensation planning and administration solution.

With economic pressures on company bottom line performance, and high profile media barrages lambasting excesses and lack of accountability in executive pay, many companies are holding or even reducing executive base pay and increasing ‘at risk’ performance-based incentive pay components. Incentive Pro defines, establishes and measures individual and group performance against pre-determined achievement thresholds. A balanced scorecard approach is utilized to apply weightings to each objective. Overall achievements based on results vs. expectations are collectively measured and reported. Incentive pay amounts are then determined and supported by documentation.

Incentive Pro supports incentive pay programs by definitively documenting achievements and their affect on bottom line company performance. Incentive pay is directly aligned to return on investment (ROI) and supported by quantifiable data.

To find out more information and to schedule a demonstration of Incentive Pro please contact our office at 800-940-7522 or e-mail HRN at


HR Fact Friday: More Cuts to Payrolls for End of 2009

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Okay, I really am trying to find good HR news to feature in my weekly HR Fact Friday posting. Sadly, it’s just not happening. Even with the statement earlier this week by a top U.S. government official that the recession is “probably” over I just can’t take the glass half full viewpoint. And I am in marketing. That’s my job! I am generally an optimistic person but when it comes to the economy, the only statistic that means anything to the millions of laid off workers across the country is the number of new jobs being added to payrolls. The recession will “probably” be over when hiring for new jobs exceeds layoffs. Projections are that that tipping point will not happen for quite some time. Case in point . . .

There are more employers who expect a decrease in their payrolls over the next 3 months than there are employers who expect an increase, according to a survey of 28,000 employers by Manpower, Inc.

While 12 percent of respondents said they expected to increase staff from October through December, 14 percent of employers said they expected to decrease payrolls. Sixty-nine percent of respondents said they expected no changes to their payrolls.

“The hiring intentions of U.S. companies continue to be sluggish,” said Jeff Joerres, chairman and CEO of Manpower. “While there are areas within the U.S. which are showing an uptick, we have yet to see the robust hiring intentions that would indicate a full labor market recovery.”

After seasonal adjustment, Manpower’s Net Employment Outlook for the fourth quarter of 2009 is -3%, the weakest in the history of the survey, which began in 1962.

Source: Sept. 10, 2009