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March 12, 2009

Time for a Snooze?

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You know that somebody, somewhere has created a “special day” for just about anything.   In case you missed it, yesterday was “National Workplace Napping Day.”   Maybe you were sleeping?    Anyway,  according to an ABC News article  (,   a Boston University Professor created the day several years ago.

His organization, the Napping Company, advocates the nap to improve on productivity and attitude proclaiming, “It’s time for workplace nappers to lie down and be counted.”     For years now we’ve known that the majority of Americans don’t get enough sleep and that a large percentage of us admit that the lack of ZZZZZZZzzz’s interferes with our daily activities.   But who knew there was a napping organization looking after us?    Napping advocates suggest that a short 15 minute nap break or nodding off at lunch can make us better employees.

Perhaps napping pods or break rooms are on the horizon?   Maybe napping mats that some of us used at preschool or kindergarten?     Despite the potential advantages of a good nap, given the massive layoffs nationally,  now may not be a good time to take up the cause in the workplace.


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