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February 16, 2009

Becoming an Employer of Choice

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Ask a colleague what it means to be an employer of choice and you’re likely to get a variety of responses, including “I’m not sure, but I know one when I see it.”


In an employment-at-will environment it’s true that all employees freely choose to work where they do, but an employer of choice is more than that – it’s the ability for an organization to consistently attract, maximize, and retain talented individuals at all levels of the company.


At your next managers meeting, challenge your team to determine what will solidify your organization as the employer of choice in your community.


Some ideas to spark conversation are:

o        Respected company in the community

o        Culture of empowered employees

o        Good communication

o        Good leadership

o        Managers and supervisors care about employees’ welfare

o        Growth and opportunities – Advancement, cross-training, etc.

o        Meaningful work – Opportunity to make a difference

o        Compensation

o        Benefits


After summarizing the list of organizational qualities, have a fluid discussion to determine which are present in the organization today, which are not present, and what obstacles are preventing you from achieving the desired qualities.


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