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November 7, 2008

HR Fact Friday: What and How Employers Monitor

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In a 2007 survey of 304 employers:

65% use software to block connections to innappropriate web sites, up from 27% in 2001.

96% block access to adult sites, 61% to game sites, 50% to social networking sites, 40% to entertainment sites, 27% to shopping and auction sites, and 21% to sports sites.

18% use URL blocks to stop employees from visiting external blogs (hopefully not our HR News & Views blog).

45% track content, keystrokes and time spent at the keyboard.

43% store and review computer files.

12% monitor the blogosphere to see what is being written about the company; 10% monitor social networking sites.

43% monitor e-mail, 73% of them use technology tools to automatically monitor e-mail, and 40% assign an individual to manually review e-mail.

Source: 2007 Electronic Monitoring & Surveillance Survey, co-sponsored by the American Management Association and The ePolicy Institute.


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