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August 26, 2008

Late to Work – What’s Your Excuse (pt 1 of 3)

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A recent survey by Today found that 16% of employees are late for work at least once weekly.  Just as interesting (actually more interesting) were some of the excuses given:

• I just wasn’t feelin’ it this morning.
• Someone was following me and I drove all around town trying to lose them.
• My dog dialed 911 and the police wanted to question me about what really happened.
• My girlfriend got mad and destroyed all my undergarments.
• I woke up and thought I was temporarily deaf.
• I was up all night arguing with God.
• A raccoon stole my work shoe off my porch.
• I super glued my eye thinking it was contact solution.
• I was putting lotion on my face when my finger went up my nose, causing a nose bleed.
• A prostitute climbed into my car at a stop light and I was afraid my wife would see her and think I was messing around…so I got out of the car.

While the above excuses were some of the more creative ones given in the survey, “traffic” was the number one reason given for coming in late. That was followed by “falling back asleep,”  “problems getting the kids to school,”  “forgetting something,” and “feeling sick.”  Interestingly (but maybe not surprisingly), 27% of managers said they didn’t believe their employees’ excuses. Over ¼ of the employees admitted that their excuses were lies.

Check back tomorrow for part 2.


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