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June 10, 2008

It’s a Sad, Sad Time for Ties and Panty Hose

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Apparently, after decades of being an official workplace requirement for men, the tie seems close to death.  Once found in most offices, and a necessity for those working their way up the corporate ladder, skinny ties, fat ties, loud ties, and tasteful ties are now on the endangered list.  According to a Gallop Poll only 6% of men report wearing ties to work daily.  In fact even the tie’s trade group, the American Dress Furnishings Association, is shutting down.   Panty hose seems to be following a similar decline, although it’s not as close to extinction.  What are the ramifications of such radical changes?  Beyond the need for many organizations to change their dress codes to match what’s really happening, the old “which is worse, ties or panty hose argument” is no longer relevant.  There also seems to be a business opportunity for someone who can find another way for men to accessorize and look different.


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