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May 6, 2008

Greetings From The Chief Blogging Officer. How’s My Blog Voice?

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As the marketing manager for an HR products and technology company that, among other things, creates and sells job descriptions, I read with interest an article on about a trend in Fortune 500 companies to add the job title of Chief Blogging Officer to their org chart. (See:

After finishing the article I considered updating my resume to include the addendum of CBO to my current job title and then asking for a raise. I wonder what the starting salary is for a CBO?

All kidding aside, what this article signals is the acceptance, importance, and mainstream corporate proliferation of the blogosphere to the overall competitiveness and relevance of a brand (note: not company, but brand).

In its pure infancy (all of 4 years ago), blogs were the domain, and the power, of the individual voice . . . the Internet equivalent of standing on a soapbox in the town square with a blowhorn. The search engine spiders found blogs and with a simple search query, thousands of bloggers could find and build a like-minded community in virtually any interest area.

So now we have Chief Blogging Officers in the C-Suite. I really would like to read this job description. Heck, perhaps we’ll build it into Performance Pro. Actually, if I read it, I would probably kringe. My opinion is that too much “strategy”, “metrics”, and “executables” will sound the death knell to the purity and irreverance of the blog.  Bloggers don’t want to be marketed to, they want to be informed on their terms.

I am a blogger. I fit the bill perfectly. I’m a hack with some experience in a topical area. It helps that I occasionally have a few enlightened thoughts and opinions to share and can type a coherent sentence. More importantly, I realize that visitors who make the effort to find and visit our blog are doing so to find information about human resources not to find “me”.  If we [HRN] don’t provide useful and interesting information, we won’t have an audience. Without an audience to read our blog it doesn’t matter where we rank on the search engines . . . viewers will be turned off and immediately form a negative opinion about HRN Management Group [i.e. THE BRAND]. Posting a blog is a commitment to provide useful information and thought provoking opinions on a topical area relevant to an individual, group, or company. It takes effort and creativity. . . and it’s only as good as your last post.

HRN has a wealth of human resources information as well as staff HR experts. We live in this world every day and want to share information with the HR community. By doing so we are reinforcing our brand identity as HR experts.  It’s that simple.

So I respectfully decline the title of Chief Blogging Officer. I’d much rather simply be known around here as the Blog Dude.


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